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Interior latch install

Attaching handles and putting on some finishing touches (part 1 of ?).

Waking up to a big smile!

TARDIS - LED lighting for the top signs and install!

Top sign corrections in place! Now ready to prime!

Learning experience with top signs!

TARDIS - Creating LED top light...

Top Fresnel Lamp Assembly

Priming and assembling the window panels!

Preparing frosted acrylic panes...

Great painting day!

Window parts cut and primed!

TARDIS - Prototyping the windows

TARDIS roof design update

First blue paint moment!

Door handles acquired! Thank you Chriskingbees!

Loving the roof!

So what is the best design for the acrylic light boxes?

Doors and walls are now complete!

Frame is fully assembled! Doors and walls in progress

Top Lamp for the TARDIS… the Fresnel lens consideration

TARDIS Plans (revision 21)