Learning experience with top signs!

I completed the top signs yesterday. It was and still is difficult. Not the cutting of the wood, or removing the quarter round trim parts... but the design is flawed!

There are a number of ways to create these. First, you have the ones that have cut-outs for the posts and hook behind them. Those designs will not work for me because I have to deconstruct and move the TARDIS a couple of times a year (charity and event work apparently). I planned on having trim wrap around the back, but simple wood expansion will mess with that as well. In the end, I plan on a screw on wood brace across the back. Something that I can tighten and loosen to move it. These pics do not show that actual design... not yet. This is the flawed version... sigh!

The front of the signs lay flush against to corner posts, and I cut out for the design of the post, as well as allowing the unit to extend past the door and top panel woodwork. The edges on one side of each box will be screwed in (my only visible screws at all) to allow for sign removal from the sign box easily. I am unhappy with the interior side panels as they do not allow for an attachment point for a light panel in the back, so I am recutting them now and will attach them today!

Overall, I am a very sad soul this morning. Re-cutting parts is not what I want to do on Halloween...


IMG 0585


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