TARDIS - LED lighting for the top signs and install!

With the additions to the top sign complete, I finally primed and painted it! Here it is with the acrylic installed!

I want to send kudos to Speedy Signs in Silver Spring MD. for the milky acrylic top signs with vinyl overlay and also for the same door sign. They are top notch. They offered to make them for anyone who is interested for $150 for 5 signs (4 top and 1 door) and $125 for the 4 door signs. I do not know if this is the best deal out there, but it is a way cool eco friendly shop and they really support the hobbyists! Here is the address for all who care!

2664 University Blvd. West Wheaton, MD 20902 (301) 933-8200

And here are the completed top signs... ready for LED lighting...

IMG 0594


And of course I could not wait to install the sign as well!

IMG 0599


After testing a prototype, I created 4 of these, although most of them had a simplified 2 strips of lights instead of 2 strips broken up into 3 segments. These signs only consume a few watts at best all together, and are quite bright as well!

IMG 0597


After wiring it all up to the power supply, I have a great lit sign. No pic can do it justice, but here is my picture #1 anyways...

IMG 0603


And another pic of my internal wiring...

IMG 0602


And yet another pic of my first hung door, windows installed and gluing the lock guard in place (needs paint still).

IMG 0605

I still have a number of things to do, but things are really coming together now!


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