Top Fresnel Lamp Assembly

I really enjoyed this part too! I started by cutting the pieces (8 in. x 8 in.) an used the plate joiner to biscuit them together. Here are some pics of attaching wood with #10 biscuits for those who may be interested in plate joiners and biscuiting! The left pic is with all the pieces measured cut and fitted, and the right one shows the piece with two sides fully attached and the other two ready to put in place.

IMG 0561IMG 0562


After assembling the bottom and top pieces, I cut the top in a circular shape and routed the inside so the fresnel lamp fit snug inside it. After this pic, I used a scroll saw to cut out the bottom so I could slide the black guard through the base (the idea is to secure it from the bottom).

IMG 0563


Finally, I drilled 1/4" holed through the base and used that to make matching holes in the lid and inserted 1/4" dowels. Here is the finished piece (needs sanding still). The second is with the fresnel lamp inserted. I created a custom bracket to hold it in from the base which I will demonstrate in the next post where I am creating the LED lighting for the interior!

IMG 0569IMG 0565


By the way, the little cap on the top was picked up from hobby lobby in the wood award and plaque section. I used a router to round the edges (that was a bit time consuming...).


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