Top Lamp for the TARDIS… the Fresnel lens consideration

Ordering parts, design considerations: FRESNEL LENS

First, after much research I settled on a Fresnel lens on eBay (NEW PERKO 249 CLR CLEAR 360 DEG FRESNEL LENS). It costs $50 with shipping and that seems reasonable. I have access to a friend who works copper, so the dome should not be too hard to fabricate by for the cap.

Since I know the height of the lens, I plan on finalizing my drawings and start building the TARDIS, base first! I definitely want this thing to disassemble fairly easily and move, as well as be a strong and sturdy box when fully assembled.

Note. The fresnel lens was listed as 6" tall, but when it arrived, that included the lower gasket and upper mount. The real dimension of the lens vertically is more like 5" tall! the black base gasket will mount under the 1/2" wood base, and the upper gasket will sit inside the upper cap, which means I captured an additional inch of height! Woot!




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