Attaching handles and putting on some finishing touches (part 1 of ?).

Attaching the Yale lock was pretty easy. Warning, you will need a Dremel is your door is less than 1.75 inches thick! You have to cut screws and bolts. I learned something a long time ago that helped a lot with cutting the screws with the Yale lock. When you cut a screw, you scratch the threads and have to be very careful -- otherwise you will not be able to get the screw in place. With that all in mind, I learned that if you can screw the screw into something that matches the thread, cut the screw, and then screw it back out -- you will usually straighten the cuts. I did that with this and a Dremel and it worked flawlessly! IMG 0612 IMG 0613 Now, I should think of putting some kind of cool TARDIS key cover with sculpey! NEXT: Handles... I loved this... easy and fun. I drilled pilot holes and put them right in with #6 screws! IMG 0614IMG 0615


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