Loving the roof!

After lots of thought and some planning, I cut down the roof and doors to have the sign boxes extend past them and be open inside the TARDIS for easier access. This meant chopping off 3" from the top of the door frames and 2" from the roof to make the space. Even with 2 people we struggled to hold those heavy walls while the table saw cut down the frames. Perhaps it will be a bit lighter now?

With that out of the way, the roof is now fully constructed and quite beautiful. The cut panels have a 9 degree rise across the TARDIS, and thankfully almost no need of wood filler. I plan on inserting the light through the base for an ideal solution and will not have to worry about assembling it in a restricted ceiling space. Here is a pic with two of the roof panels in place!

* Note, I also cut a 9 degree angle in the inner box top as well as the panels will extend all the way to the light fixture.

Things are getting close! All I have to do now is the door sign, top signs, top lamp, and electronics... oh, and the small task of sanding, priming and painting.


IMG 0533


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