TARDIS - 6 months later!

I wanted to check in... 6 months later and I LOVE IT!

It is residing in my main area. I call it the RLT (pronounced RILT...) for the Room Less Travelled. It is the formal room in older homes, and in this case a second family room that was rarely used.

However, now things are changing. We are having a baby. Tardis Builder 2.0!

So, the plan... sadly... no? Put the TARDIS in the baby room. What an amazing night light! I love how it glows...

So what are the new plans for now? Put a phone in the door, and put shelves inside very soon to accomodate baby storage. I just can not decide if this is a glorious transition or a huge downfall for this masterpiece!


Want to see my original build blog, check out TARDIS builders.

IMG 0631


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