Assembling the TARDIS corner posts

After acquiring the wood, I assembled one corner post as a prototype to make sure it looks as nice and is as strong as I wished. I am still working out how to attach it to the base, and right now I plan on using biscuits to attach strong plywood inserts inside the post, and using bolts to attach it to and through the base. On top, my current plan is to use 2x6 boards and the same triplets of bolts across each post (details will be posted when I cross that threshold). If anyone has any better ideas, please fire away!

Below you can see a 1x5.25" and a 1x4.5" being glued together for step 1. I picked up some framing clamps a long time ago, and I love them dearly and recommend them for any woodworking project! The clamps keep things lined up, and then I secure them with 1 5/8" wood screws (spaced about 16" apart). I also recommend picking up a countersink set from your local hardware store. You pre-drill your holes for each screw, and the countersink part at the top removes additional material so that your screw heads are not sticking out.

Once the boards are glued and screwed, you are ready for step 2 (also below). I use two more 1x4.5" and glue them in place using liberal amounts of wood glue and 1" screws. When in place, you will have a 3/4" gutter on each side of the external wood planks as well as a 3/4" gutter in the center. Note that the picture in step 2 shows two small pieces of scrap 1x4.5" wood blocks. I will glue full planks down the length... I just thought this pic would be helpful for those who are reading along to see how the planks are positioned.


Post clampPost fit


The last step is to cut the 1/2" corner round to match the length and glue it in place (no screws or nails needed). Use a good wood glue for this work, ideally something that is waterproof type 2 and the glue will be stronger than the wood when it dries (I used Titebond 2). One thing I learned from making this prototype is that it is a bitch to clamp down the moulding in the very center of the corner. I have a great idea that I will apply to the other posts... I will position a few 1x3" boards on top of the moulding and clamp them so that the pressure across the 1x3s evenly distributes the clamping pressure across the piece.

Post laststep

Here is one corner post complete!

Post complete


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