Door Latch. Yale Locks 85 Deadlocking Nightlatch DMG Finish Satin

I did some research and settled on the Yale Locks 85 (part number YAL85DMGSC). Found on Ebay for $46 with shipping. I went for the satin chrome finish and will search for a door pull.

From reading the forums, it is important to get the latch before you make the doors because otherwise the doors may not be set the right distance apart and the latch will fail. Since I want the lock centered on the door and it is 40 mm from center to edge, it means that each of the two stiles (vertical risers) on the sides of the door should be 2x40mm = 80mm (3 1/4") wide. that does influence my design a bit, as I was planning on 3" wide stiles, and as a result I need to change the center guard (for lack of a better word) width to accommodate for doors that are1/2" wider.




  1. Good tip, I didn't realise you are supposed to get the lock first, makes sense though. I do really want to try one of those digital Yale Door Locks, they look pretty cools!

  2. Love that idea. Not authentic with a TARDIS, but gave me some good ideas on my next entry system in the home!


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