Xtianstone's Hybrid TARDIS. Design Ideas

I have been pouring over designs and builds to design a TARDIS that will comfortably fit in my home (with ceilings just under 8 feet), will look amazing lit up and provide great ambient light, and before its final resting place will be a centerpiece at a geeky convention that will impress (in 2 months)!

I have decided on the Barry Newbery transition towards the Tom Yardley Jones TARDIS design, with a heavier emphasis on the Tom Yardley Jones one. Basically, I like the height of the Barry Newbery, and plan on using the shorter top, but with some accents that were applied later on and the post design of the Tom Yardley TARDIS. Additionally, I love the lit signs of the later TARDIS props and will include them as well. In this way, I will pay homage to several models of the TARDIS, and bring forward the advancements and requirements due to improved video quality, etc. (in my opinion). With that said, I am including some enhancements from the Matt Smith version, as well as the earliest versions (like the white windows, etc.).

I am just finalizing my designs for the TARDIS, with some modifications.
- I want the lit signage from the newer versions. Also, the St. Johns sticker for the door.
- It needs to fit inside a 7'10.5" max height (to fit a 7'11" room). This means I will have to shed about 10" in height. I will reduce the size by about 10%.
- I will likely take the top decoration of the corner posts from the 1980 Tom Yardley TARDIS. It just looks great. However, for the build I will keep much of the top itself true to the Barry Newbery prop, as it is not as demanding on height, and I can scale it down a bit without compromising the width of the structure.
- The base will be short in height to allow for a taller main structure. I suspect 1.5" in height.


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